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The U.S. aim for a war of civilizations


The United States wants a war of civilizations, the third World War, following the Second World War, which since ceased fire of 1945, continued in absurd. Silence. Even if those who call themselves "Jews and / or Israelis" proclaim to be victims of genocide, they are for my mind very, very small minority. People do not speak of victims of the African people, who nevertheless was the vanguard for the fires ceased in 1945 […]

This scenario of the Second World War, as you see, was beautiful and well planned with the aim of creating a Jewish state that will rule the world, a Jewish state which will be centralized world government (New Word Order) where Africa will be a pool of resources(mining and human) to exploit  so slavery and total oppression.


If we let them do, if we fight individually in separate rows, without coordination and without adequate information, then say hello and welcome to the re-colonization of Africa. The Vatican, the Arabs and the Jews are supposedly on the same team. Do not let them entertain media lie, do not be fooled, resist the lobotomy (state media propagandists). Western decadent democracy is dying and they will not give up voluntarily to their project.

The causes of the last two world wars did not differ from each other, namely the economic and monetary crisis accompanied by conflicts that lead to invasions of States to exploit, by others called the strongest. So is not this, the same scenes, that we live in today, even though the motivations are different?


Now read the following and do your own research and ideas. Open our minds to understand the repeatedly chain of times events. Those who continue to hold as well, the course of history have no other ideas, that they use until now.

When we know their intentions, we no longer have the right, this time, to let them driving the ship which already capsizes:


The reason for the current unrest following the publication of anti-Islamic film in the United States were not the Muslims, but those in America who are trying to force the Muslims to act in society, and to respond to such actions.

We must also point out the policy of the United States in recent years against Libya and other countries in the Middle East, which was problematic, and which ultimately led to this one religious conflicts. In other words, one could speak of a clash(conflict) of civilizations, which the United States wish and envisage.

What happened in Libya, the death of the U.S. Ambassador and other events were planned in advance and had nothing to do with the offending film.




For Africa for African,

Le Coursier, Gara Pierre-David Takpara

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